How Should I Prepare for Invisalign Treatment?

August 17, 2022

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In the days before your first Invisalign appointment, you might think there’s nothing to do but wait. After all, your teeth won’t get straighter until you start wearing the aligners. The truth, though, is that there are things you can do beforehand to make treatment go smoothly. The correct practices could even make your smile-straightening journey a breeze! To learn more, here are four tips on how to prepare for Invisalign in Morganville.

Brush Your Teeth Between Meals

To keep your teeth and aligners clean during treatment, you need to brush your teeth after each meal. That said, make this brushing a habit before getting your first aligner trays. The practice will then become familiar, and you’ll learn what to do when eating out. Consequently, your alignment experience will be more seamless.

For this habit, remember to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste.

Buy Necessary Supplies

You’ll receive your aligners and a carrying case at your first appointment. However, your treatment depends on other items too. Therefore, go ahead and buy other necessary tools. Some could include Pull Tools, extra-strength Tylenol, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, etc.

Keep a dental kit with said tools nearby to make in-between-meal brushing easier. It’ll help prevent aligner stains and reduce harmful oral bacteria.

Cut Back on the Snacks

Invisalign trays only work when you wear them for 22 hours daily. As such, cut back on snacking now so you’ll be less tempted to remove your aligners later.

Luckily, there are ways to make breaking the habit easier. For example, try keeping yourself full by filling your breakfast, lunch, and dinners with more nutrient-dense foods. Healthy fats, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates would be good choices.

Figure Out the Financials

Being ready for Invisalign trays also means having your payment ready. You don’t want to worry about prices at the dentist’s office, right?

Given this fact, review your financials before your appointment. For instance, you may be able to cover some costs with dental insurance. Similarly, your dentist might offer special discounts or flexible financing. Whatever the situation, find what works best for you.

Following the tips above will ensure that your Invisalign trays lead to a well-aligned smile. For more information, feel free to talk with your local dentist.

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