Gum Disease Treatment – Marlboro, NJ

Keeping Your Entire Smile Safe

Woman in need of gum disease treatment pointing to damaged gum tissue

Protecting your teeth is important, of course, but you shouldn’t neglect your gums when it comes to your oral healthcare routine. Oral bacteria can cause the gums to become red and irritated; you may even notice that they bleed more easily when you brush or floss. Such infections can spread throughout the bloodstream and contribute to heart disease and other conditions. Dr. Yana offers different forms of gum disease treatment from our Marlboro, NJ dentist, depending on how severe the situation has become; call today to set up an appointment.

Why Choose Cambridge Square Dental for Gum Disease Treatment?

  • Gentle, Efficient Scaling
    and Root Planing
  • Arestin and Atridox
    Antibiotics Available
  • Friendly and
    Accommodating Staff

Scaling &
Root Planing

Scaling and root planing are two different steps of the deep cleaning procedure typically employed to treat gum disease that has advanced beyond the point where traditional cleaning might be able to reverse it. Scaling targets the small spaces between the gums and teeth for the removal of all harmful plaque and bacteria buildup. Then root planing is used to create smoother tooth roots that will be less susceptible to the accumulation of plaque in the future.

Antibiotic Therapy

Dental patient taking antibiotic therapy pills

Some bad bacteria might remain in your mouth even after scaling and root planing. Antibiotics can be used to fight these bacteria on a daily basis. Our dental office uses Arestin and Atridox to treat gum disease. Arestin is applied directly to periodontal pockets, allowing the medication contained in the microspheres to gradually be released over time. Atridox works in a similar way, but unlike the powder-like Arestin, it takes the form of a gel.